Progesterone Testing For Pets in Baytown, TX 

The process of breeding your pet can be confusing and frustrating for first-timers, especially considering one of the most common causes of infertility in bitches is the mistiming of mating. In order to ensure a safe and successful pregnancy, progesterone testing can be used.

What Is Progesterone Testing?

Baytown Animal Hospital’s in-house progesterone testing is a critical hormone level monitoring test that we use to target the optimal breeding time, so you can have a higher level of success when timing your pet’s ovulation times. 

In-house progesterone monitoring provides you with results within 20 minutes of the blood draw, taking away the guesswork when attempting to plan the best time for insemination, whether it be natural or artificial.

When Is Progesterone Testing Recommended

  • The Stud Dog Or Bitch Will Be Traveling For Breeding
  • Fresh or Frozen Semen Will Be Used
  • The Bitch Has A History Of Failed Pregnancies
  • A C-Section Is Anticipated
  • The Bitch Is Near Term And Fetal Survivability Needs To Be Assessed

How Does Progesterone Testing Work?

A progesterone test is the most accurate method to pinpoint the exact day your pet will be able to achieve successful breeding. The results are reported in a numeric format most breeders will understand. The chances of a failed pregnancy will minimize significantly thanks to the test’s results. 

Does My Pet Need A Progesterone Test?

A progesterone test is not required in order to breed your pet, however, the chances of failure are way too big, and it’s not worth it to lose so much time and resources when you could get it right the first time with the help of a progesterone test.

Progesterone Testing For Pets In Baytown, TX

If you’re paying for stud fees, transport, frozen semen, and artificial insemination, you want to make sure that your pet will absolutely get pregnant and it won’t be a wasted effort. By taking your pet for a progesterone test at Baytown Animal Hospital, you’re protecting your investment while keeping your pet’s safety in mind. Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance to schedule an appointment!

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