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Welcome to Baytown Animal Hospital - where every pet deserves a great, healthy life! We know that choosing your pet’s healthcare provider is a big decision. As a committed, small practice, our mission is to offer your pet the highest quality veterinary services, using the most modern technology and always maintaining compassion and a personal relationship.

Core Values

Integrity -" We adhere to a strong moral code, always doing what is right, regardless of whether anyone is watching. Our decisions are guided by a commitment to the well-being and best interests of all parties involved."

Respect - "Our team is committed to treating everyone - colleagues, clients, and patients - with the same level of respect and kindness that we would expect for ourselves."

Compassion - "We value the well-being of all people and animals and aim to treat everyone with openness, fairness, dignity, and caring"

Trust - "We will be honest, transparent, and have open communication between the veterinarian and their clients this is essential for establishing a strong and effective veterinarian-client-patient relationship.

Kindness - Is an integral part of our culture and identity of the profession, and it shapes the ethical standards and principles that guide our team. In how they approach their work, interact with clients and colleagues, and provide care to their patients.

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Dr. Francisco Alvarez

Dr. Francisco Alvarez, born and raised in Baytown, Texas, always harbored a deep desire to become a veterinarian. His passion for animals grew even stronger when he embarked on his veterinary journey at Baytown Animal Hospital as a kennel technician while attending Baytown Sterling High School. Witnessing the remarkable work of Dr. Christensen, a veterinarian, mentor, and friend, Dr. Alvarez was inspired by the selfless service and animal-saving efforts that Dr. Christensen provided to the community.

During his formative years at Baytown Animal Hospital, Dr. Alvarez had the privilege of being mentored by Dr. Christensen, who imparted valuable knowledge about veterinary medicine and the pursuit of higher education. Dr. Christensen's anecdotes about his experiences at Texas A&M University left an indelible mark on Dr. Alvarez. Fueled by this inspiration, Dr. Alvarez earned his undergraduate and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees from Texas A&M, becoming the first in his family to graduate from college. His exceptional resilience and determination in the face of adversity were recognized when he was bestowed with the prestigious Aggie Spirit Award.

After completing his veterinary education, Dr. Alvarez practiced in Bryan, Texas, for several years. However, in June 2020, the sudden and devastating loss of Dr. Christensen sent shockwaves through the Baytown community. With Baytown Animal Hospital facing the possibility of permanent closure without a successor, Dr. Alvarez understood the immense need and made the courageous decision to return to Baytown with his family and acquire the hospital. Dr. Alvarez's commitment to preserving the legacy of exceptional veterinary care earned him the esteemed title of PSI Practitioner of the Year in 2021. From his humble beginnings as a kennel technician, he has now become the proud owner of Baytown Animal Hospital, dedicated to providing his hometown with the highest quality veterinary care.

Dr. Alvarez's contributions extend beyond his veterinary practice. He actively serves as an advisor for the City of Baytown on the Animal Control Committee, advocating for the welfare of animals in the community. Additionally, he generously supports various school organizations within the Goose Creek CISD. At home, Dr. Alvarez, together with his wife Isabel and their children Andrew and Alyssa, shares their lives with three dogs (Chance, Aggie, and Sophie) and two cats (Kitty and Sushi). In his leisure time, he finds solace and joy in spending precious moments with his family, watching Aggie football, and immersing himself in outdoor activities like hiking and fishing.

Dr. Francisco Alvarez epitomizes a veterinarian driven by compassion, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of animals and the community he serves.

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Dr. Wendi Schumacher

Dr. Schumacher graduated from University of Missouri School of Veterinary Medicine in 2005.  Following graduation she moved to Lubbock, Texas where she started practicing and met her husband, Casey.

Together they have traveled the country working and finally settled in Houston in 2015.   Dr. Schumacher has a special interest in small animal internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, ultrasound, and dentistry.

Dr. Schumacher became a permanent part of our Baytown Animal Hospital Family in September 2021 after stepping in and doing some much needed relief work in 2020. Dr. Schumacher’s Drive and passion to serve the patients and the owners made it VERY easy to identify that we needed and wanted her as a part of our family fulltime!

Dr. Schumacher, Casey and their son Colton are all avid scuba divers and routinely go on dive trips to various tropical locations. She currently shares her home with 5 dogs, 2 cats and a variety of other small pets that her son Colton has conned her into.

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Matthew Proctor

Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Proctor, our operations manager, brings with him over 30 years of practical experience as a successful leader in the veterinary health care industry. Matthew’s talents have helped sculpt and direct leadership teams of successful fortune 500 companies, large Veterinary Specialty and Referral hospitals and Nationwide Nonprofit organizations. Matthew’s unique abilities and passions are leveraged daily to help create an atmosphere of compassion and empathy not only for the Pets that we see, but also the Pet owners that bring them in.

When asked about his vision for Baytown Animal Hospital, Matthew responded:
“I fully believe that it is within the best interests of the Pet, the pet owner and the veterinary healthcare team to create a well-rounded environment that is focused on EVERY aspect of care. That includes the care of the Pet, the care of the owner, and the care of the VETERINARY healthcare TEAM! Anything less would be unacceptable for everyone involved.”

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Customer Success Representative
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Shannon Emerson

Client Relations Liaison
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CSR Team Lead
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Senior Technician Supervisor
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Senior Tech Overnight Supervisor
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Vet Tech /Pharmacy Tech
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