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Many pet owners don’t know this, but a majority of pets have a high chance of developing a lump or bump during their lifespan. Some of them are just a growth of some sort, but infections or a particular reaction to something could also be the reason.

We know it might be frightening to discover a strange lump, bump, or growth on your pet. Fortunately, not all such findings are indicative of cancer, and there are frequently benign growths, but those will still call for quick care to be removed and relieve your pet of any symptoms they may be displaying. Any new lump or bump on your pet should always be taken seriously!

What Do I Do If My Pet Has A Weird Lump?

When it comes to mass removals, early detection is vital if you want to give your pet the best chance they have to recover from it. As soon as you notice it, you should give us a call right away. Bringing your pet to us is the optimal step to take so our team of professionals can accurately diagnose the tumor and determine whether it is cancerous or benign. The kind of treatment your pet will get, which might involve surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, will depend on the nature and severity of the tumor.

How To Treat A Pet With A Tumor

Finding out what kind of tumor your pet has will be the very first step to take after confirming they indeed have one. This can be done through a biopsy. The cells obtained from the biopsy will be analyzed together with a blood sample to ascertain the general health of your pet. In the case that the tumor is advanced, additional procedures like x-rays may be required to determine whether cancer has spread.

The skilled staff at Baytown Animal Hospital can remove the lump surgically if necessary after performing a small biopsy to ensure an accurate diagnosis. If there is a need for further treatment, this can also be provided. Most pets recover fully after mass removal, which is often a highly safe and low-risk type of surgery.

Types Of Tumors In Pets

  • Mast Cell Tumors
  • Lipomas
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Histiocytoma
  • Hemangiosarcoma
  • Melanoma
  • Lymphoma
  • Papilloma

What Is The Mass Removal Procedure Like?

A general anesthetic is used for pet mass removal procedures. This makes it possible for us to quickly and painlessly remove the whole area of concern. The normal tissue that surrounds the abnormal spot forms margins, and we try to get all of the margins free from any abnormal tissue. Doing this helps us reduce the possibility of leaving behind any abnormal cells.

Establishing suitable margins might occasionally be challenging or even impossible depending on the mass's location or composition. Further surgeries or different treatments could be advised if abnormal cells are still present and the tumor is determined to be malignant. This is another reason why performing a biopsy is so crucial.  Following the removal of the tumor, the wound will be stitched or stapled shut. 

Are All Mass Removals Successful? 

The type of tumor and stage it was on, along with your pet's age and overall health can affect how effective the surgery is. Fortunately, many mass removal operations are quite effective and can significantly extend the life of your pet while keeping them happy and healthy.

An extremely important aspect of the battle against cancer is early diagnosis. Taking your pet for annual physicals at Baytown Animal Hospital is crucial for identifying early cancer indications before they develop into life-threatening tumors.

How To Help My Pet Recover From Mass Removal

Once the surgery is over, it's vital for your pet to stay away from the incision and for you to restrict their activity in accordance with our recommendations. Using an Elizabethan collar will be advised to assist your pet if they start licking or biting their incision. Doing this for a while will provide enough time for the surgical site to heal.

Getting your pet the mass removal they need can play a significant role in maintaining your furry friend's health, vitality, and happiness. Here at Baytown Animal Hospital, we take great pride in being able to provide this service that will help your pet get on the road to recovery. If you'd like additional details regarding our mass removal services for pets, give us a call today.

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